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RishtaPao.com is Indian based world no.1 matrimonial (web portal/website)   services provider to all religions & all castes.

Check that your profile complies with our policies before submitting your application. Keep in mind that we may change our policies at any time, and as per our Terms and Conditions, its your responsibility to keep up-to-date with them.

1>You must agree to be bound by these Term & Conditions of use ("Agreement"). This agreement may be modified time to time. If you wish to become a member and communicate with other members, read these terms of use and follow the instructions. This agreement sets out the legally binding terms for your membership.

          2>You are solely responsible for any information that you display when using the Website or to other members. You will keep all information provided to you through the Website as private and confidential and will not give such information to anyone without the permission of the person who provided it to you.

3>The information collected from our clients is shared only with members of RishtaPao.com. Any information you give us is held with the utmost care and security. We are also bound to cooperate fully should a situation arise where we are required by law or legal process to provide information about a customer.

          4>RishtaPao.com. (we) may terminate your membership at any time, for any reason by blocking/deleting your profile. We may also terminate your access to the site and/or your membership for any reason without any prior notice, if we will receive any complaint against you from our other members. Membership fee will not be refund in any conditions.

          6>Your right to use the Website is subject to any limitations, conditions and restrictions established by us from time to time, in our sole discretion. We may alter, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Website at any time, including the availability of any Website feature, database or content. We may also impose limits on certain features and aspects of the Website or restrict your access to parts or the entire Website without notice or liability.

          7>You may not use any automated processes, including IRC Bots, Exec’s, CGI or any other programs/scripts to view content on or communicate / contact / respond / interact with RishtaPao.com and/or its members. Your contact detail /telephone/email id/mobile number can be viewed by paid members/admin or web site staff. So be careful and provide parents/guardians contact detail only. We are not responsible for any unwanted calls/sms/email and messages.

          8>You confirm that your profile can be uploaded by use on any of our Page/profile/group/portal website and your profile with photo can be show in any search engine.you must be agree to receive emails/sms/massage/phone calls/or other medium to connect you from RishtaPao.com or our related staff,francies & members.

          9>We may send automated system generated emails to other members on all websites/group trails with your profile, however no personal contact details of any kind will be sending with these emails.

          10>The Site contains the copyrighted material, trademarks, and other proprietary information of RishtaPao.com. anyone not copy, edit, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, display, or sell any such proprietary information, All the rights of any kind whatsoever are with RishtaPao.com.

          11>At RishtaPao.com you are solely responsible for your interactions with other Members. RishtaPao.com reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between you & other Members. RishtaPao.com also reserves the right to take appropriate action against errant members. However, RishtaPao.com is not obliged to share such action with other members, including complainants.

          12>RishtaPao.com is intended only to serve as a preliminary medium of contact and information for its users / members / visitors who have a bona fide intention to enter into a matrimonial alliance. RishtaPao.com does not purport to be a marriage or business bureau or a dating /contact website and does not, in any manner whatsoever, monitor the first or subsequent contacts, introductions and/or interactions which may take place amongst / in between the user(s) / member(s) due to any information specified in the website.    

          13>Provide correct information to RishtaPao.com any wrong or fake information given by you than you are only responsible for any complaint or legal issue. If any member required your information for legal action we will provide it.

          14>To register as a member of RishtaPao.com, to avail matchmaking services, the individual seeking a match must be of /above the marriageable age, based on the laws of the country that the individual is residing in .

15> RishtaPao.com presumes that each and every single member / user / visitor, who logs on to the website has an intention to get married / enter into a matrimonial alliance and not otherwise.

16>RishtaPao.com under no circumstances shall be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from anyones use of the Site or the Service and / or any Content posted on the web Site or transmitted to users / Members. The exchange of matrimonial profile(s) through or by RishtaPao.com should not in any way be construed as a matrimonial offer and/or recommendation from or by RishtaPao.com. RishtaPao.com shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any individual arising in/out of, or subsequent to, matrimonial relations established pursuant to use of the service provided by RishtaPao.com.

          17>You agree to indemnify and hold RishtaPao.com, and its subsidiaries, all concerned affiliates, officers, proprietors and employees, harmless from any claim or demand including reasonable attorney fees made by any third party due to or arising out of members used and any breach of members representation and warranties.

          18>You must be legally eligible for marriage act./laws of the country you reside in, to register as the member of RishtaPao.com. The minimum age for registering in our website, is 18 years for women and 21 years for men. You are not disabled by any law from entering into a contract. You have gone through the Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

          19>RishtaPao.com display information / data as per our member provide as  e-mail id, postal address, first name, last name, telephone number, date of birth, age, gender, ethnic background, appearance, religion, occupation, preferences, life style information, general geographical location from its visitors / users in order to create their unique profiles. Apart from this, certain other information are also collected. The said information / data collected is entered in the programme especially devised for matching profiles and which programme enable to provide matches for the visitors / users based on their pre-selected criteria. Certain private information is only displayed after taking prior consent of the visitors / users. You have to search contact and verify members detail, behavior,attitute yourself only.

          20>Information uploaded by the user themselves or through any of the  RishtaPao.com offline/online centers meant to be displayed on the open website located on RishtaPao.com becomes public knowledge and RishtaPao.com may at its sole discretion include all or any portion of the listing intimated by a client for display on RishtaPao.com in any other media including the matrimonial sections of other platforms including but not limited to print media, community associations, websites, television shows, DTH/IPTV Services, radio, mobile wap sites etc. at no extra costs to the users of RishtaPao.com and RishtaPao.com shall not be held liable for usage/publicity of such information / data.

21>The user undertakes not to establish any deep link or other connection to any specific page of RishtaPao.com.

          22>The user undertakes to use RishtaPao.com for his/her own purposes. Using content from RishtaPao.com for derivative works with a commercial motive without prior written consent from RishtaPao.com is strictly prohibited.

          23>You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless RishtaPao.com, its employees, directors, officers, agents and their successors and assigns from and against any and all liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including attorneys fees, caused by or arising out of claims based upon the use of your account and contravention of any terms and conditions herein for availing of this service, including any claim of libel, defamation, violation of rights of privacy or publicity, loss of service by other members and infringement of intellectual property or other rights.

          24>Any advice, counseling, recommendations or information provided at RishtaPao.com including information of RishtaPao.com members may not be necessarily correct, true or reliable, and that any reliance placed thereon and any action taken on the basis thereof shall be entirely / solely at the risk of the person or persons placing such reliance or taking such action. Visitors wishing to use the information so provided are advised to conduct their own due diligence, in respect of the site content sought to be taken advantage of, at their own initiative, cost and effort. RishtaPao.com does not advise / recommend its users / visitors to establish any contact / interaction with any other user / member / visitor or any such Profile(s) as displayed in the website based on the data / information as furnished in such users profile / photograph etc. and the user / visitor opting to build contact or interact shall do it solely at his / her own risk. RishtaPao.com cannot be held responsible or liable, in any manner whatsoever, in respect of any reliance placed on any information displayed / placed on the website, since the same purports merely to act as indicators of the general scenario in the related behalf.

          25>RishtaPao.com is not responsible for any incorrect / inaccurate Content posted on the Site or in connection with the RishtaPao.com Service, whether caused by Users, Members or by any of the equipments or programming associated with or utilized in the Service, nor for the conduct of any User and/or Member of the RishtaPao.com Service whether online or offline. Under no circumstances will RishtaPao.com be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from anyones use of the site or the service and/or any content posted on the RishtaPao.com matrimony site or transmitted to RishtaPao.com matrimony members. The exchange of matrimonial profile through or by RishtaPao.com site should not in any way be construed as any matrimonial offer and/or recommendation from/by RishtaPao.com.

          26>RishtaPao.com does not authenticate, vet, screen, endorse or investigate any information or assertion comprised in the matrimonial listings, or any other content on the website, nor does it in any manner whatsoever certify or attest the same to be correct or true. It does not recommend matches and profiles in any manner, but an implied presumption is cast on the users / members that the information(s) furnished are exclusively / solely to curve out / frame a suitable profile for the purpose of matrimonial alliance and they are true and correct. All due diligence, effort and initiatives must be exercised by those wishing to use any information found on the website, and should take adequate precautions with the full and complete knowledge that all information contained in the matrimonial listings have been placed there directly by visitors to the website without any prior intimation, consent or verification of or by RishtaPao.com.

          27>RishtaPao.com is an on-line service provider for its members/visitors to create their own/unique profiles envisaging certain personal (optional) information(s) are to be displayed on the net/web-site, which information is used by visitors for searching and matching purposes RishtaPao.com does not sell, rent, share, trade or give away any of your personal information except which is displayed and intended to be shared by its users / members / visitors including photographs displayed on site. Although RishtaPao.com shall take all reasonable precautions, RishtaPao.com shall not be responsible in case such public information / photograph of the member/user so displayed in the site is being unauthorized copied / printed / published / forged / superimposed / manipulated etc. or misused by any user / member / visitor. The user / member shall indemnify RishtaPao.com from all kind of loss / damages which RishtaPao.com may suffer from any activities carried out by any visitor/user/member through improper use of the service provided by RishtaPao.com.   

          28>By listing a matrimonial profile, or a business or personal listing or a link, or any content or listing, on RishtaPao.com, the person or persons making or posting such listing, and the person or persons responsible for such posting or listing, shall be deemed to have agreed to hold RishtaPao.com harmless and protected against any suit or complaint, civil, pecuniary or criminal, and against any claims or damages (including, without limitation, interests, fines and penalties) which may be brought against or levied on RishtaPao.com  on account of any matter arising out of, or relating to, such posting / listing or response received from such posting/listing.

          29>RishtaPao.com does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any member / visitor profile, advice, opinion, statement or other information displayed / uploaded through the service by RishtaPao.com. RishtaPao.com or any of its owners, staff or agents are not responsible under any circumstances for any action/display whether direct or indirect, which occurs as a result of online display of information in the nature of illicit material / material that may be offensive to visitors / members or is patently offensive to the on-line community or any material which may promote racism, bigotry, hatred or physical/mental harm of any kind to any group or individual or transmit any chain letters or junk mail or unsolicited mass mailing or spamming or obscene material to other users / members. RishtaPao.com does not monitor the conduct of its users/members or visitors and therefore RishtaPao.com does not take the responsibility of any conduct by its users / members or visitors who may avail / obtain / use / exploit the on-line service provided by RishtaPao.com in order to harass, abuse or harm another user/member or visitor or use the said on-line service to promote / advertise / solicit anything without their prior consent or an act in any manner which may threaten the safety of users / members.

          30>RishtaPao.com reserves the right to remove / delete /edit any content / message / photo (s) / profile or cancel the registration / membership of such individual / user either upon a complaint received from another member / user / visitor / individual / group of individuals or upon discovery of the same on its own or based on its sole judgment and perception and it shall without notice stop providing the service entitled to a user / member and forfeit all other incidental service(s) with immediate effect along with the fee/tenure of registration as well as take appropriate legal action against such visitor / user / member. By listing a profile on the website, it is deemed that the said member/user has an intention to get married and in case it appears to RishtaPao.com that at the time of listing the profile or subsequently such user / visitor had no intention to enter into a matrimonial alliance or has changed his/her intention, then RishtaPao.com shall reserve the right to remove / delete such profile from the website and initiate prosecution under the law or take such steps as may be advised from time to time. In using the website, it is deemed that the user/member agree not to post any content or views that may be considered threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable or act illegally or otherwise harass another user; put wrong or misleading information in any of the details of his/her own profile; impersonate another or use the site for any commercial purposes; or interfere with or disrupt the operation of this site, or disobey any reasonable requirements, procedures or policies imposed by RishtaPao.com from time to time.

          31>Nothing comprised in the contents at RishtaPao.com is intended or meant to induce or persuade or convince or invite any person whatsoever to perform any action or do any such thing, or not to perform or do, where such performance or doing, or non-performance or not doing, constitute any contravention of any law or regulation in force for the time being to which such person or action may be governed.

          32>RishtaPao.com shall not be held responsible for any interactions/ passing of information(s) etc. between any user / member / visitor via e-mail, chat or any other mediation with another member / user / visitor and RishtaPao.com has no obligation, to monitor any such disputes between arising between the users/members and RishtaPao.com shall not be party to such dispute/litigation etc.

          34>RishtaPao.com reserves the absolute right to modify or amend or delete, in any manner as it deems fit, any content of any matrimonial listing placed on RishtaPao.com in order to ensure compliance with the rules of such placement (which may include, without limitation, the efforts and initiatives by RishtaPao.com to maximize response to matrimonial listings), prima facie accuracy and the prevailing laws in force for the time being, especially those relating to prohibition of any indecent, unlawful or obscene content. RishtaPao.com reserves the absolute right to delete any profile if it finds that the same person has created multiple profiles on the RishtaPao.com website. Even if different/same profiles have been created with the same/different contact details, RishtaPao.com will reserve the absolute right to delete all such profiles. If any member refuses to give consent to a physical address verification that RishtaPao.com or its member has requested then RishtaPao.com will have the absolute right to either put a "Not Verified" stamp on the profile or to delete the profile.

          35>Websites to which links are given on RishtaPao.com and the contents thereof are the sole responsibility of the promoters of such websites and RishtaPao.com does not, in any manner whatsoever, recommend, authenticate, endorse, verify or certify these websites or any contents or links there. RishtaPao.com does not take any responsibility for the privacy practice adopted by such other websites and therefore RishtaPao.com recommends its visitors / users to read the privacy statement of each and every website that the user visits. RishtaPao.com also does not take any responsibility or endorse the authenticity of the other online services linked with RishtaPao.com which may offer various services like a lucky draw, win a free trip, win free tickets, astrology, palmistry, numerology etc. The user / member / visitor of RishtaPao.com shall at its sole risk and responsibility click and surf on to such other website(s) / links which is/are being displayed in the website of RishtaPao.com. The user shall always bear in mind that at a single stroke/click of the mouse on such links/website, it gets connected through the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) / Internet Protocol (IP) network of the said users and not through the IP of RishtaPao.com. RishtaPao.com also does not suggest/encourage any of its users/members to furnish personal information and specially the Profile ID / User Name of RishtaPao.com to such or any other website(s).

          36>RishtaPao.com reserves the right to tie up with partners/franchise in future to come up with various other online services.

          37>RishtaPao.com hereby specifically disclaims any liabilities or warranties or guarantees, express, specific or implied, which may be attributable, in any manner whatsoever, to the existence, promotion, canvassing, contents, links, information or discontinuance of RishtaPao.com. No claims for damages, restitution, loss-of-profits, or any other pecuniary, civil or criminal plaints, which may be said to arise out, or on account, of any matter contained or related to RishtaPao.com, shall lie or be deemed to be sustainable against RishtaPao.com.

          38>RishtaPao.com assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of User and/or Member communications. RishtaPao.com is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line-systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of e-mail or players on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any website or combination thereof, including injury or damage to Users and/or Members or to any other persons computer related to or resulting from participating or downloading materials /information from the web-site.

          39>We assumes that every member who get engaged will delete/add to success story else RishtaPao.com may remove such profile which membership expired after that member will treated as new member.

          40>RishtaPao.com reserves rights to select or deselect, activate or deactivate, edit or remove any membership.

          41>Members may classified by RishtaPao.com as Incomplete or complete profiles. Both these types could further be Free members or Paid members. RishtaPao.com reserves the absolute right to modify, amend, change, curtail or expand any privileges, rights, benefits, liabilities or responsibilities of all types of Paid Members or Free Members as it deems fit and these will be instantly applicable to all past, present and future Members.

          42>RishtaPao.com may allows Free members certain benefits /privilidges like initiating free contact via "Express Interest" functionality, like viewing contact details of Paid members under certain conditions etc. The quantum of these benefits and even the benefits in totality will be at the sole discretion of   RishtaPao.com. As Free members have not paid RishtaPao.com any money to enter into a contractual obligation, therefore RishtaPao.com will determine at its own discretion how much benefits it offers to every individual Free member.RishtaPao.com will simultaneously offer different levels of benefits to different Free members. Benefit restriction to Free members will be done via multiple means including restricting access, spam filters, quotas etc.

          43>Payments for the services offered by RishtaPao.com shall be on a 100% advance basis which will not be refund in any conditions.

          44>The User is solely and exclusively responsible for maintaining confidentiality of the User password and User identification and all activities and transmission performed by the User through his/her user identification and shall be solely responsible for carrying out any online or off-line transaction involving credit cards / debit cards or such other forms of instruments or documents for making such transactions and RishtaPao.com assumes no responsibility or liability for their improper use of information relating to such usage of credit cards / debit cards used by the subscriber online / off-line. RishtaPao.com uses the maximum care as is possible to ensure that all or any data / information does not fall in the wrong hands. (The weak link in credit card transaction is securely storing the data once received; therefore RishtaPao.com does not store or keep credit card data in a location that is accessible via the Internet. Once a credit card transaction has been completed, all credit card data is moved off-line only to ensure that the data/credit card information received is not accessible to anyone after completion of the on-line transaction and to ensure the maximum security for the personal information of the user.

          45>RishtaPao.com does not warrant that the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free.RishtaPao.com provides the service on an "as is" basis. However, RishtaPao.com will take all reasonable steps to provide its users with error free, uninterrupted user experience. There may be delays, omissions, and interruptions in the availability of the Service. The user/member acknowledges that use of the Service is solely at their cost and risk.

46>RishtaPao.com is not responsible for suspension of the Service, irrespective of the reason for such interruption / suspension. Any claim shall be limited to the amount paid, if any, for use of the Service during the current membership period only.RishtaPao.com may discontinue or change the Service or its availability at any time, and the user/member is also free to stop availing the Service at any time.

          47>RishtaPao.com is not responsible or answerable to any kind of dispute or action taken by any person.

          48>RishtaPao.com uses third party payment gateways and failures in these gateways would be communicated to the users as it is. Extra currency/conversion charges/deductions/error issues from payment gateway shall not be the responsibility of RishtaPao.com.

          49>You use of the Website is for your own personal use. You may not authorize others to use the Website and you may not transfer your accounts with other users.

          50>RishtaPao.com has complete rights in the RishtaPao.com Site and the RishtaPao.com Service. The Site contains copyrighted material, trademarks, and other proprietary information of its owners and its licensors. Except for that information which is in the public domain or for any other information/display for which permission have not been obtained from RishtaPao.com, RishtaPao.com reserves the right to proceed/initiate appropriate steps under the prevailing law against infringement of the said proprietary rights for illegal copying, modifying, publishing, transmitting, distributing, performing, displaying, or selling of any such proprietary information.

          51>RishtaPao.com reserves the right to verify the authenticity of Content posted on the site. RishtaPao.com if circumstances warrant may call for / ask any of its members / users to provide documentary or other form of evidence supporting the information / Content posted on the site and the user / member, without any protest shall produce such documentary / other evidence in support of such information and if the member / user fails to produce such information within a reasonable or stipulated time frame, RishtaPao.com may, in its sole discretion, terminate such Membership and forfeit the advance without a refund and take appropriate steps under the provisions of law.

          52>RishtaPao.com also reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action without limitation at its sole discretion against any user / member / who violates / misuses the on-line services and terminating the Membership of such violators who promote information that is false, misleading or promote illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous or promotes an illegal or unauthorized copy of another persons copyrighted work, such as providing pirated computer programs or links to them, providing information to circumvent manufacture-installed copy-protect devices, or providing pirated music or links to pirated music files or provides instructional information about illegal activities such as making or buying illegal weapons, violating someones privacy, or providing or creating computer viruses or solicits passwords or personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes from other users and/or engages in commercial activities and / or sales promotion such as contests, sweepstakes, barter, advertising, and pyramid schemes.

          53>You will not use the Website to engage in any form of harassment or offensive behavior, including but not limited to the posting of communications, pictures or recordings, which contain libelous, slanderous, abusive or defamatory statements, or racist, pornographic, obscene, or offensive language.

54>You will not use the Website to infringe the privacy rights, property rights, or other civil rights of any person.

          55>The visitor/user while surfing the Site shall not post, transmit or otherwise distribute information constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability, or otherwise use the Site in any manner whatsoever which is contrary to law or would serve to restrict or inhibit any other user from using or enjoying the Site; post or transmit any information or software which contains a virus, cancelbot, Trojan horse, worm or other harmful or disruptive component; upload, post, publish, transmit, reproduce, or distribute in any way, information, software or other material obtained through RishtaPao.com which amounts to infringement of copyright, or other intellectual property right, or derivative works with respect hereto, without obtaining permission of the copyright owner or right holder /author.

          56>RishtaPao.com does not take the responsibility of any information posted by its users/members in the web site, any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights and in case RishtaPao.com receives / discovers any such infringement, the said member / user may be called for / asked to furnish / provide evidence / relevant information in support of such display like an electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest or a description of the copyrighted work that may have been infringed or information or a written statement that the member/user under bona-fide faith belief that the disputed information does not lead to any authorized use or infringement of copyright etc, under the law or a statement that the user/member is liable to penalty of perjury in case any of the information /statement furnished is proved otherwise or a declaration that the information displayed/posted is accurate and the member /user is itself the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owners behalf.

          57>RishtaPao.com has no obligation to monitor the activities of its users/visitors. However, RishtaPao.com has the right to monitor the Site electronically from time to time and to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation or other governmental request, to operate the Site properly, or to protect itself or its subscribers.RishtaPao.com will not intentionally monitor or disclose any private electronic-mail message unless required by law.RishtaPao.com also reserves the right to refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, that, in its sole discretion, are unacceptable, undesirable, or violative of provision of law.

          58>You will not use the Website to distribute, promote or otherwise publish any material containing any solicitation for funds, advertising or solicitation for goods or websites.

          59>RishtaPao.com considers and intends to be subject only to the applicable laws in force for the time being in the Agra (U.P.)India irrespective of conflicting provisions of law and to the jurisdiction of courts located in Agra alone.

          60>All members of RishtaPao.com are restricted to use as per their membership plan.

          61>RishtaPao.com respects the privacy settings set by its users. Contact details sharing will happen only in the case of acceptance from the receiving member or in the Expression of interests which a member sends once he has taken paid membership or in case the member has himself/herself opted to place these in the public domain(by subscribing to RishtaPao.com. The user understands that once any information becomes part of the public domain it may be viewed by all and republished. In case of call direct feature, paid members will be able to view contact details of RishtaPao.com users who do not filter them.

          62>In case RishtaPao.com receives any incriminating evidence/complaint against any of its users from other members/users/visitors of the site or if RishtaPao.com, through data available to it from its servers, suspects misbehavior on any users part, it reserves the right to impose restrictions on the user account which include but may not be confined to preventing the user under question from making multiple contacts and restricting the user to only contact members whose desired partner profile the user satisfies.

          63>All services which are defined by Time Period indicted in months shall imply 1 month to be equal to 30 days and for any longer durations service the total duration in days will be the Number of months multiplied by 30 days.

          64>RishtaPao.com guidelines prohibit members to give their name and/or contact details in any form - Email, Phone nos, Messenger Ids, Postal address etc in any fields other than the specific ones where the same information is asked. If any member who puts the above information in any field other than the one meant for that purpose then the RishtaPao.com screening team will remove the same and not responsible for public view that.

          65>As per the membership criteria, members can only use the specified services.

          66>RishtaPao.com and user of web site can call/sms/messages/like/postal address letter/email/chat or any other contact medium to you.

          67>Important Notifications from RishtaPao.com - Messages which inform you on various alerts related to usage of the site by you or other members who have viewed your profile or which are initiated by the RishtaPao.com team to introduce new features, educate on existing functionality etc These will be sent to your Postal Address/Email/Messenger Ids or on your Landline/Mobile from a non-140 number via SMS/MMS/VMS/USSD/IVR/Calls etc.

          68>This site is provided by RishtaPao.com on an "as is" and "as available" basis. RishtaPao.com RishtaPao.com makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this site or the information, content, materials, or products included on this site. you expressly agree that your use of this site is at your sole risk.

          69>If a member does not wish to receive communication from RishtaPao.com then he needs to go to the "Settings" section in his profile and choose/dis-able for the modes(Emails / SMS / Calls / USSD / Messenger messages / IVR) and types of communication which he either wants to or does not want to receive if available basis. Types of communication are the specific messages based on profile attribute or website interactions between members.RishtaPao.com may also provide for different message types and modes, other alternative ways to unsubscribe".

          70>Users who sign up to RishtaPao.com allow to contact people on their behalf via Telephone, SMS, profile action on RishtaPao.com website, Face to face interaction or any other means/modes of communication.

          71>Creation of duplicate profile on RishtaPao.com is not allowed. In case the user has forgotten his password he can use the password retrieval option. Forgetting password, User ID, reaching contact limits or any other reason for creating a 2nd profile on RishtaPao.com is not allowed. Info Edge reserves the right to delete/block this profile or restrict access of this profile to use the website. Info edge at its own discretion can decide to delete/block/restrict access of 2nd profile or the original profile or both profiles in all cases where duplicate profiles have been found.

          72>People who have subscribed to membership have an option to renew their services. If the renewal happens before the expiry date, then any unused "Contact Views" available with the original pack are carried forward. Contact Views are the facility wherein members can see contact details of other members who have not filtered/rejected/ignored them. If a member renews his membership after the expiry of current membership, then its treated as a fresh membership and nosed "Contact Views" of the previous membership are not carried forward. These conditions hold even if the person bought the subsequent time under special "Renewal/Repurchase/Loyalty" offers. Purchase before or after renewal date is the only criteria which determines if unused "Contact Views" are carried forward or not.

         73> Trial Offer / Trial Pack /Trial Membership refers to an offer given to specific set of users wherein they are allowed to see phone/email of other members subject to certain conditions. These conditions are a) specified time duration called "Offer Eligibility Duration" in which a person who becomes a RishtaPao.com website registered member, adds his/her photo and verifies the phone(s) provided by him on his account. The photo has to be of the person for whom matrimonial match is sought. The photo has to be a front facing photo with a clear face shot and a minimum file size of 475 Kilobytes. If the photo does not meet the desired quality then it will be removed by the RishtaPao.com screening team and profile will be deemed to have not added photo. Phone Verification has to be done via the steps specified on RishtaPao.com; & b) The person for whom matrimonial alliance is sought does/did not have a pre-existing profile on RishtaPao.com; & c) The person has got positive responses from other members in the form of "Acceptances" or "Accepts" to him/her. These "Accepts" are sent by other members when the person who has taken the "Trial Offer / Trial Pack" sends Expressions of Interest or Expresses Interest to other members; & d) The Accepts have come within a specified time period called the "Offer Period"; & e) The "Offer Eligibility Period" will be the first 5 days for person since the date he became a member. The "Offer Period" will be maximum of 30 day from the date on which the person become a member. The Offer Period may expire due to the person reaching maximum permissible "Views of Contact details" or because he/she has removed photo or changed phone number; & f) Views of Contact details will be only the first 3 Accepts that a member receives. It is not dependent on the sequence in which the member had contacted others profiles via Express Interest. These "Accepts" could come from other members who could themselves be "Free" or "Paid" or or RishtaPao.com Exclusive" or any other type of member; & g)If a member edits his information in his/her profile, changes his phone number, removes/changes his photo etc., his "offer eligibility period" and "Offer period" will remain unchanged. No extra days will be provided to a member under any circumstances; & h) There is no option to a member to avail the offer at any time other than that specified to him at the time of joining; & i) The time duration specified will be a round figure in terms of number of days. The offer or offer eligibility will expire at 11.59 pm IST of the specified date in India (will be provided on the date of taking the offer); & j) Multiple modes of communication - SMS, MMS, Email, Messenger, IVR Calls, Calls from Agents, Banners, On Site Communication etc. are used to explain the offer. As complete communication is not possible in all these means, the member has to refer to these terms for details and also the other general terms and conditions of site usage for clarification on offer details. In some cases in the communication modes stated above there is a specific guidance and direction to refer to Terms and Conditions. However its not necessarily present on all modes of communication. Terms and Conditions are referred to as "T&C" or "T&C Apply" or "Terms Apply" or "Terms and Conditions Apply" or "T&C App" in different modes of communication; & k) The Trial Offer / Trial Pack is of equivalent value of Rs.200/- and can be purchased otherwise for Rs.200; & l) The Trial Offer / Trial Pack can be availed/purchased only within the first 30 days of a person joining the RishtaPao.com website; & m) Offer will be withdrawn from any user whos behavior on the website is deemed incorrect based on user complaints or otherwise.

          74>Your "Name" will be visible to other members who are RishtaPao.com Paid subscribers either if they "View Your Contact Details" or if you have sent them an Acceptance. Information filled by a member is visible on the profile page. This page is indexed by Google/Ask/Bing/Yahoo and other search engines. If a search engine user types a query then your profile page may be visible in Google/Bing/Yahoo etc. search results. All details which you have put will be visible unless the same has been explicitly hidden by you using appropriate RishtaPao.com profile privacy settings.

          He/She is allowed to use the service for only for finding his/her life partner.RishtaPao.com have full rights to modify/update/delete his/her profile/contact details, if required.

          Your profile can be removed if your mobile/landline switched off or not connected or not responding proper for that you are solely responsible once profile removed you will treat a new member.

          Use of certain features on the website is governed by rules. For example if your phone number is not verified then you cannot contact other members via "Express Interest" or even if the same is happening then that privilege can be blocked by RishtaPao.com at any time without giving any notice. Similarly If your phone number is not verified then even as a person who has availed a "Paid Service" you will still not be able to view phone/email/contact details of other members via any option on the website. For verifying your phone number, there are verification prompts across the website which guide you on how to Verify your phone. If the same is not clear then it is the members responsibility to call customer care of RishtaPao.com from the number which he/she wishes to verify.

          Any paid membership like RishtaPao.com are non-transferable. Any membership which is purchased is being purchased for that individual and cannot be used for any other profile in his/her family/friends/acquaintances etc. If a profile is deleted for whatsoever reason then that persons membership lapses. Even if the person retrieves his/her profile the same will be retrieved as a free profile. Neither will paid membership be retrieved nor will any refund be made.

          Members are advised to make appropriate/thorough enquiries before acting upon any matrimonial advertisement. Our site does not vouch for or subscribe to the claims and representations made by advertisers regarding particulars of status, age, income of other members.

          Paid members can see Phone/Email of other members subject to the total limits on "Direct Contacts" as specified on the membership page for the pack they have purchased. Ability to see contact details of another member is also dependent on whether you pass the filter criteria of the other member and the other member has not declined your profile or deleted his/her own profile. When you view contact details of any other member you would be able to see any 1 of the following Email, Mobile Number, Landline number, address. This is deemed as a Contact View and a count is deducted from your "Direct Contacts" quota. The website does not guarantee that you will be able to speak/correspond with the profile on the provided Mobile, Landline, Address or Email ID.

          RishtaPao.com monitors all interactions between different members on its website. These include but not restricted to "Express Interests", "Messages", "Accepts", "Declines", "Cancellation", "Shortlist", "Ignore Profile", "Chat/Photo/Horoscope/Phone Verification Requests" etc. RishtaPao.com s customer service, operations and sales team also accesses this information. Besides this the RishtaPao.com teams also monitor your online activity on RishtaPao.com. The information is used by these teams to interact with Profiles registered on RishtaPao.com to aid them in better usage of the website, servicing, sales pitch and abuse control. All profiles who register on RishtaPao.com explicitly allow the RishtaPao.com team to use this data.

          Paid Membership is co-extensive with the profile, membership expires as soon as the profile is deleted and cannot be reactivated.

          We use a secure server for credit card transactions to protect the credit card information of our clients and Cookies are used to store the login information.

          RishtaPao.com will not give any information or details to any outside organization or person, it will only use it for RishtaPao.com site.

Express disclaimers for Predictive Third Party Content

          An astrological prediction is just an opinion of the astrologer and has no scientific authenticity. These predictions are based upon the characteristics, placements, aspects, associations, strengths, weaknesses of the planets and the ability, grip over the subject and experience of the astrologer in Vedic astrology.

          A Vedic astrological horoscope is the opinion of one person based on his or her training and experience in the subject. On receiving a particular enquiry from a client, this query is passed to a panel of astrologers for the predictions/remedies and answered within 7 working days or earlier. Generally 2-3 astrologers give their predictions for an enquiry. Another astrologers opinion on any particular point might differ. Recommendation for astrological remedies such as gemstones, mantras, yantras etc. are often prescribed by astrologers, after a diligent study of the clients birth chart and with due exercise of his prudence and judgment. All Predictions are made based on Horoscope prepared on Birth Database provided by the Client in accordance to the principals of Vedic Astrology.

          Though all the predictions are provided by a panel of eminent astrologers, the same should not be used as a substitute to an advice of a licensed professional, medical / psychiatric treatment, study, a curriculum, profession or life style or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional, such as a lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, or financial advisor. The predictions, opinions and remedial measures of two astrologers on one horoscope may differ and have varied results. It must be clearly understood that every such prescription is accompanied by a prescribed method and procedure, which is expected to be followed by our clients with due diligence. RishtaPao.com is not responsible for any claims for negative functioning of any prescription of astrological remedy made by any of astrologers.

          RishtaPao.com reserves the right to delete any content, message, photo, profile or cancel the registration , membership of such individual  either upon a complaint received from another member group of individuals or upon discovery of the same on its own or based on its sole judgment and perception and it shall without notice stop providing the service entitled to a member and forfeit all other incidental service with immediate effect along with the fee of registration as well as take appropriate legal action against such member.

          RishtaPao.com reserves the right to verify the authenticity of Content posted on the site RishtaPao.com, if circumstances warrant may call for any of its members to provide documentary or other form of evidence supporting the information posted on the site and the member, without any protest shall produce such evidence in support of such information and if the member fails to produce such information within a reasonable or stipulated time frame, RishtaPao.com may terminate such Membership and forfeit the advance without a refund and take appropriate steps under the provisions of law.

In case of any dispute jurisdiction would be subject to Agra – Utter Pradesh (India ) courts only.

          In online services you have to use the services yourself with the help of Id & password. In no way we help/assist you in the online services purchased by you,       except the operational problems in the website. You have to yourself search/select/contact/investigate/inquire about the other profiles or parties. We do not claim/guarantee the claims made by other parties. This is to suggest you that you should do appropriate inquiries/investigations about the claims/status made by other parties prior to start any matrimonial alliances.

          In personalized services you use the services online & we help/assist you in making the primary contact with the other parties selected by you. Our role is limited to the primary interaction only. We do not guarantee or assure you about the claims or credentials made by the other parties. It is to be made clear to you that our job in no way includes to “investigate/inquire” about you or the other parties. This is to suggest you that you should do appropriate inquiries/investigations about the claims/status made by other parties prior to start any matrimonial alliances.

          In any type of membership, we do not guarantee you/subscriber any fix number of contacts. We use the word” up to” in all the memberships which means that these are the maximum number of contacts you can make. The number of contacts depends on the availability of profiles & on your choice & limitations primarily.

          This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, the remaining provisions shall be enforced.

          Registered members of this site would receive emails pertaining to the services offered by the site.

          By registering on RishtaPao.com, Your must agree to be bound by the term & conditions. If you do not agree, You should not access or use this site.

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